Honest Press Certificate


Some day your grandchildren may ask you: ”What did you do to defend democracy and free speech during the menacing 2010s?” Then you can point to your framed Honest Press Certificate on the wall and say: ”I did my bit. I supported the newspaper that dared go against the tide despite hateful and perfidious campaigns, threats and assassinations attempts and insisted on getting the paper out.”

It is no easy matter to start a new paper. For one thing, you need capital and it is going to take a while before Dispatch International can stand on its own feet. Meanwhile you can help us by buying a beautiful Honest Press Certificate.

It is printed on high-quality paper, numbered, has your name inscribed and is signed by Dispatch International’s CEO and Danish chief editor Lars Hedegaard.

The certificate proves that you were one of Dispatch International’s first friends and supporters and some day your grandchildren will thank you defending democracy and free speech and help a new and honest press emerge.

An Honest Press Certificate costs $150 or €115.

Don’t hesitate. Buy one today! Or why not several?

Here is how to order: Send us a mail to subscribe@d-intl.com  or a letter to Dispatch Filial, Box 4203, 203 13 Malmö Sweden