Good-bye Sweden – you won’t get me for insanity

Good-bye Sweden – you won’t get me for insanity

Prosecutor Magnus Pettersson in Malmö simply cannot understand how the artist Dan Park thinks. Park has been hauled into court for denigration of ”folkgrupp” (specially protected groups of people) but is unwilling to learn – he publishes his pictures again! The prosecutor has an explanation: He must be clinically insane.


At first I didn’t believe it. When I interviewed prosecutor Magnus Pettersson yesterday, he didn’t utter a word about his intention to subject street artist Dan Park to a psychiatric examination. But here is the proof – an entry from the lower court in Malmö to the effect that the prosecutor believes Park suffers from a psychiatric illness.

The method is well known from the Soviet Union where thousands of dissidents were brought down by means of fake diagnoses of insanity.

The KGB successfully used the procedure to send political dissidents to psychiatric hospitals. As historian Anne Applebaum writes in her book Gulag: A History of the Soviet Camps:


”In the aftermath of the Thaw, the authorities began once again to use psychiatric hospitals to incarcerate dissidents – a policy which had many advantages for the KGB. Above all, it helped discredit the dissidents, both in the West and in the USSR, and deflected attention away from them. If these were not serious political opponents of the regime, but merely crazy people, who could object to their hospitalization?

With great enthusiasm, the Soviet psychiatric establishment participated in the farce. To explain the phenomenon of dissidence, they came up with the definition of ’sluggish schizophrenia’ or ’creeping schizophrenia’. This, scientists explained, was a form of schizophrenia which left no mark on the intellect or outward behaviour, yet could encompass nearly any form of behaviour deemed asocial or abnormal. ’Most frequently, ideas about a ”struggle for truth and justice” are formed by personalities with a paranoid structure,” wrote two Soviet professors, both of the Serbsky Institute.”


Prosecutor Pettersson is not entering virgin territory. He is following in the footsteps of the Soviet Communists. Whoever opposes Sweden’s immigration policy or stands up against the country’s race hysteria must of course be clinically insane – there can be no other explanation for clearly there is nothing wrong with the immigration policy and clearly racism is widespread in Sweden.

If, like Dan Park, you write that ”Gypsy crime is fine” [”Zigenarbrott är något gott”] with the intent of exposing how the extreme left profits from victim mentality, you must be mentally ill. Any sane person would of course realize that those on the far left are good people who merely want to defend the poor victims of Swedish racism.

I’m at a loss to find words that can explain my horror at the path chosen by prosecutor Pettersson. If Dan Park is forced to undergo a psychiatric examination and is diagnosed as insane, many of us will be forced to flee from Sweden. This risks opening the door to the totalitarian society which many of us feared was approaching but believed was a future prospect.


Let us once again listen to the two Soviet professors:

”A characteristic feature of overvalued ideas is the patient’s conviction of his own rectitude, an obsession with asserting his trampled ’rights’, and the significance of these feelings for the patient’s personality. They tend to exploit judicial proceedings as a platform for making speeches and appeals.”


As clear as it could be. The more you talk about your rights, the more insane you must be. I don’t doubt for a second that in the eyes of some prosecutors even I stand to be accused of harboring paranoid ideas about a ”struggle for truth and justice” and of ”reforming society”. This was the diagnosis used to vilify among others the dissident author and scientist Zhores Medvedev.


I have been wavering back and forth – stay in Sweden and fight the insanity or flee in order to observe it at a distance? Now I have made up my mind. Farewell Sweden – I’m leaving. One cannot live in a country where dissidents are treated like psychiatric patients and where the authorities wish to lock up social critics in mental institutions.

 That’s the bad news. The good news is that I will continue to scrutinize the Swedish madness – but from the other side of the Sound.



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  • Björn Norström

    Denmark will get you for SANITY instead.

  • Ann-Marie

    The Swedish authorities will just have you extradited. There is no escape from the gov’t thugs anywhere…..

  • Morningstar

    They want to prosecute white swedish men for buying sex abroad. So it is not out of the question. There will be a certain risk that they are gonna broaden the range of crimes commited abroad which they will use to have people extradited to Sweden for.

  • Ann-Marie

    We are living in a totally crazy world and there seems to be no escape.

  • The Sanity Inspector

    People who praise Swedish ways…see how well Sweden fares once it’s less like Sweden and more like rural Pakistan. Multiculturalism is a lie: we are not all the same but for holidays, headgear and cuisine.

  • Newspaniard

    Yes, but will DI still be published here?

  • Mi GG

    if the immigration continues, the government will have to become increasingly oppressive and totalitarian to maintain the diversity. When the system will not be able to cope with extremely diverse and conflictual forces anymore, you can have a collapse of the system and repetition from Bosnia.

  • thor42

    I am from New Zealand and I *cannot understand* why Swedes don’t just rise up and overthrow their *totalitarian* government. The government that has *utterly* betrayed them with ITS insane immigration and welfare policies.
    I can only think of one reason that this has not happened. Swedes are too cowardly to do so.

  • “¤”

    Three words: Political Media Indoctrination.
    To many people believe in the lies. Sad really, I am thinking of emigrating, I dont want to pay taxes in a country I now despise and nothing is getting better here only worse every year. “The Swedish Madness”. Tell your friends.

  • thor42

    Hi – thanks for your reply.

    I’m sure you are right. It is just sad that Swedes have become so indoctrinated and brainwashed. It is an inevitable part of the Left’s “cultural Marxism” – their long march through the institutions – the schools and the media.

    If you come to New Zealand you will find that things are VERY different. Here, it is the *left* who are on the ropes and heading for oblivion. Here, the left’s *pathetic* arguments are ruthlessly exposed (and not with abuse but with reason, logic and facts).

  • thor42


    I’m in New Zealand and WE STILL HAVE FREE SPEECH here!

    ISLAM SUCKS! Take THAT, Sweden!

  • Brett_McS

    More than 99% of Poles were against their Communist government – and yet it hung on for decades, only toppling in the 80′s.

  • “¤”

    You are probobly right. People take everything here for granted, not only freedom but welfare, healthcare, jobs you name it. The good times are gone, and the left with their “all people are equal” wants open borders and think we can afford it. The right take the lefts naive ideas and walk hand in hand because their mission is to overwhelm the welfare systems and high salaries for the “lowest” kinds of jobs with massive immigration, more than the welfare system can handle. The media doesnt let through any other ideas than what is concidered politicly correct. Any side thoughts is racist, fascist or nazi. It is terrible here but i have hopes still since now all our neighboring countries, Finland, Denmark and Norway have anti-immigration partys in government, and the rest of westeurope is on the same track. Slowly but slowly Sweden is waking up. But if it doesnt do it soon, I am out of here.
    New Zealand seems like a nice place =)
    Cheers mate.

  • MagnaEstVeritas

    I seem to recall that Sweden was a warlike nation once, a nation that would take no crap from anyone, but then again, when you elect the brain dead into government, you will get lapses of sanity, having read the article, it would appear that Sweden’s Politicians and their supporters have turned their backs on the one TRUE God, and gone whoring after the god of islam …. Sad really, and considering that I was under the impression that Swedes were intelligent ….. No reflection on the Author or her Colleagues …

  • thor42

    Hi again!

    Yes, New Zealand is a *paradise* compared to the **suffocating** totalitarian state that Sweden is.

    What a shame it is that so many of the locals there “can’t see the wood for the trees”. Can’t see freedom disappearing. I would have thought that freedom in Sweden was worth fighting for but they seem to not think so (being so brainwashed they can’t think at all).

    The Left are on the way to *oblivion* here (and *good riddance* – the amount of damage that they have caused around the world).
    - thor42

  • saveourmoney

    I work with two Swedes who left because of the immigration policies and the extreme leftist views of the government. I asked them, just as some other comments suggest, why they didn’t simply elect officials with more mainstream views. They responded that the media in Sweden would never allow anyone who didn’t comply with their leftist orthodoxy to get elected. After reading some of the English language versions of “mainstream” Swedish media, I have to say my friends who left their beloved country are right.

    More frightening is the fact that it is spreading to the US. Criticize Barack Obama in public and you’re immediately labeled a racist. Criticize his policies, his penchant for emasculating Congress by Executive fiat and you’re a racist. Criticize the illegal aliens (they are not immigrants, they are illegal aliens) and the strain they put on our economy and infrastructure? You’re a racist.

    Well, okay, you win. If the definition of “racist” is someone who criticizes our President and his policies, then I’m a racist. I’m self employed and my friends know I’m not a racist, so I don’t have to worry about my career or social life. I’m not running for public office, so I don’t care about uninformed public opinion. And I won’t be traveling to Sweden or spending my money on Swedish products.

    Swedes, if you’re tired of your country’s behavior, please bring your education and your work ethic to the United States and vote the lefties out of office here. We will welcome you with open arms, although I’m not so sure about our President….

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