After the nuclear deal in Geneva comes war

After the nuclear deal in Geneva comes war

av 26 november, 2013

The Obama administration has sold out to the Iranians lock, stock and barrel. Even if you add up all the other scandals this administration has managed to orchestrate – domestic as well foreign – they will pale in comparison with the sellout in Geneva, says leading Iranian commentator. This will eventually lead to war.

Banafsheh Zand – a prominent Iranian activist and commentator located in New York City – has no illusions about the recent agreement in Geneva between the 5+1 and the Iranian regime that was trumpeted as an important step to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

– The Iranians have totally outmaneuvered Obama and brought America to heel, she tells Dispatch International. They have no intention of sticking to the agreement to freeze their enrichment of uranium and will simply carry on as before. Their leaders have even said so.

In a tweet to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rohani has bragged that the process for ending sanctions against Iran has now begun.


Iran expert Michael Ledeen agrees with Banafsheh Zand’s somber assessment.

In a piece entitled ”The big deal on the road to war” he chalks up the Iranian gains:

”According to my sources in Iran”, writes Ledeen, ”Iranian industry overall is currently at twenty percent of capacity.” With the partial lifting of the sanctions, Iran will have money to offer foreign companies lucrative contracts and so become de facto lobbyists for ending sanctions altogether.

It is probably no coincidence that the German stock exchange index (DAX) ended Monday’s trading with an all-time high.

Secondly, Michael Ledeen notes that Iran has been permitted to continue enriching uranium. To be sure only up to 3.5 percent but it only takes a few months to get to weapons grade uranium.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zavad Zarif, who negotiated the deal in Geneva, was quick to announce that uranium enrichment in Iran will continue and that none of Iran’s nuclear sites will be closed.


Thirdly, Obama has sent a confirmation to the Iranian opposition that the West is not prepared to seriously challenge the regime – in case they had any doubt.

A further score for Tehran is that the Geneva deal has sown deep divisions within America’s political class, with some senators from both parties proposing to defy the president by imposing new sanctions on Iran in case the nuclear agreement falters.. The President could veto a decision to that effect but risks being overridden by a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress.


As noted by Michael Ledeen, anti-American animosity is growing throughout the Middle East and for good reason considering Obama’s track record:

”[Obama] bailed out of Iraq without even a fig leaf to cover that country’s exposure to Iranian violence, thus forcing Iraqi leaders to cater to Tehran’s wishes; he announced America’s retreat from Afghanistan well in advance of next year’s scheduled withdrawal, thereby exposing Afghan leaders to the same exposure to Iran; he rallied to the side of the Iranian supreme leader in 2009, when the regime was wobbling and millions of Iranians filled the country’s avenues; he abandoned Mubarak and supported the Muslim Brotherhood – favored by Iran – in Egypt;  and he repeatedly worked with Iran and Russia to save Assad in Syria (never supported the opposition, did an about-face on his threat to attack when Assad’s use of chemical weapons was too big to ignore).”

 ”Why is [Obama] helping our greatest enemy?” asks Ledeen and answers: ”He favors radical Islamists and other evil tyrants, and opposes more moderate, pro-Western autocrats and, above all, the lone Western-style democracy in the region,” i.e., Israel.


Banafsheh Zand is equally scathing.

To her it is no mystery that the Obama administration has in fact paved the way for a nuclear armed Iran, which she thinks is likely to become be a reality in a few months from now.

– It’s very simple, she explains to Dispatch International. For years the Obama administration has been penetrated by Iranian agents, who have conducted a skillful influence operation. Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, is an old-fashioned leftist.


Jarrett is so influential that Obama shut down R street at Florida Avenue in Washington D.C. for her 57th birthday on November 15 in order that they might celebrate undisturbed at the posh Restaurant Nora.

According to Israeli press reports, Valerie Jarrett has been in secret talks with a leading Iranian nuclear official for a year. The Geneva negotiations were a mere “facade”, because the terms of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program had already been agreed. A spokesman for the White House was quick to say that the story was “absolutely, 100 percent false” but few in Israel appear to believe it.

Arecent study by the Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI, confirms that back-channel talks between Washington and Tehran have been going on for a long time. . MEMRI believes that the American concessions to Iran will lead to a nuclearization of the Middle East.


– Obama has no friends left in the Middle East. Whatever their political or religious beliefs people know that he cannot be trusted. In fact, he is hated, says Banafsheh Zand.

– Is has finally dawned on Saudi Arabia and the other members of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), i.e., Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, that they have to look out for their own security and to expect no help from the United States.

– That is why there is increasing talk of military cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia involving Israeli access to Saudi air bases and fly-over rights. The primarily Sunni Muslim GCC countries have as much to fear from an aggressive Shiite Iran as has Israel.

Where is this going to lead?

– It is going to lead to a major war engulfing the entire region. There is already a proxy war being fought in Syria between pro- and anti-Iranian forces.
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